Google Sheets Functions

This page will list all our functions. Functions are also classified by the following types; Array, Database, Date, Engineering, Filter, Financial, Google, Info, Logical, Lookup, Math, Operator, Parser, Statistical, Text, Web.

Function NameDescriptionSyntaxType
IFReturns one value if a logical expression is “TRUE” and another if it is “FALSE”.IF(logical_expression, value_if_true, value_if_false)Logical
CONVERTConverts a numeric value to a different unit of measure.CONVERT(value, start_unit, end_unit)Parser
PRODUCTReturns the result of multiplying a series of numbers together.PRODUCT(factor1, [factor2, ...])Math
SUMReturns the sum or total of cells, ranges, numbers, or a combination of these inputs.SUM(value1, [value2, ...])Math
ISBLANKChecks whether the referenced cell is empty.ISBLANK(value)Info